Filing Representative, Expediter, NYC, Dept. of Buildings, DOB, Buildings Dept., New York City
  Lois Rosenberg Consultants, Inc. (LRC)

Filing Representative for New York City (NYC) (City of New York) (Filing Rep)

Municipal Agencies, including
-- Department of Buildings (DOB) (Dept. of Buildings) (Buildings Dept.)
-- Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) (Landmarks)
-- Department of Transportation (DOT) (Dept. of Transportation) (Transportation Dept.)
-- Electrical, Electric Bureau

Expediter, Expeditor
obtain help with Zoning rules, Zoning Code, Zoning Map

Notice of Violation (NOV) Notice of Violations
Certificate of Correction, Correction Certificate
Equipment Use Permit (EUP) Equipment Use Permits
MEA #, MEA Number, MEA Numbers, Materials and Equipment Acceptance
-- ECB Violations (Environmental Control Board) ECB Violation
-- Dept. of Buildings Violations
-- Fire Department Violations (FDNY Violations) Fire Department Violation
-- Elevator Violations, Elevator Violation
-- Plumbing Violations, Plumbing Violation

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island (Richmond).
5 Boroughs, Five Boroughs, Borough, Boro

Construction Industry:
Architects, Engineers, Contractors
Architect, Engineer, Contractor
* Applications (Application)
* Permits (Permit)
* Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) (CO) (Certificate of Occupancy)
* Research
* Forms, Plans, Plan, Work
Construction, Demolition.

Code, Construction Codes, Resolutions, Local Law (LL), Local Laws, Local Ordanances.
Buildings Information System (BIS).
Unsafe. SWARM.

Commissioner, Manager, Supervisor, Managing Agent.
Mayors Task Force (Mayor's Task Force) (MTF) (Manhattan Task Force)
MTF Violation, MTF Violations.

office building, commercial, residential, skyscraper, roof, rooftop, basement, cellar, celler, mezzanine.
Builders Pavement Plan (BPP), easement, vault, vault permit, street construction permit, container permit.

Application, PW1, PW2, PW3, Plan Work Permit, Work Permit.
PW-1, PW-2, PW-3, TR-1, TR-2, TR-3,
Alt1, Alt2, Alteration Type 1, Alteration Type 2,
TR1, TR2, TR3, Tech Report, Technical Report.
AEU2 Certificate of Correction.
Directive 14 Self Certification, Self Cert.

Condo Apportionment, Condominium Apportionment, creation.